Saturday, March 3, 2012

In the end, this is about courage.

Ah, but fear is a fickle thing. It sneaks in your window, crawls through the key hole, trapping you in your bed, hiding under the blankets. 

Fear makes you cry silent tears, alone. It makes you tremble without reason. It traps you in your thoughts. 

It traps you in the coffin of 'what ifs'.

Fear makes you cringe and bite your nails. The cage you're stranded in, fear built that dear, and it's not coming down on its own. 

Why are you still sitting there? In the center of that cage, in the center of that fear you created?

Yes, you. You created all of it, you made this mess yourself.

You did this to yourself. 

And you can't expect anyone else to fix it for you.

With courage comes freedom darling.


  1. I'm completely obsessed with the last sentence. Chills my dear. Chills and the yearning for more!!

  2. It traps you in the coffin of 'what ifs'.
    With courage comes freedom darling.

    I like these.

  3. why do i feel like you're talking to me?

  4. Traps you in a coffin of What ifs
    I'm gonna have to side with "About Today" I don't get how you did it but this entry just spit a lot of game.
    Do you have any tips? I want to know a little about the process you go through to come up with lines that are so deep.

  5. I'm really not a good writer I don't know what to say to this but I can say I wholeheartedly agree with Reginald Delicious and Ed.